17 Best Call Tracking Software Apps

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  • May 14, 2019

You wouldn’t run a paid ads campaign without having the analytics capabilities in place to understand which ads are actually driving results for your business. Even SEO and content marketing are quantifiable in that you can track visitor actions to better understand the performance of your different strategies.

Yet, despite this focus on metrics and management, many companies treat phone calls as a black box. Calls come in, and sales might result, but nobody really knows where they came from or why they worked.

Call tracking software has the potential to change that. Once implemented, sales teams can use these programs for everything from mapping customer website journeys prior to on-phone closes, to identifying opportunities for improvement across sales teams.

Of course, not all call tracking software programs are created equally. Before we get into the best call tracking software programs out there, let’s look at some of the common features you should expect to find within the top solutions.

The 11 Characteristics of the Best Call Tracking Software

Later in this guide, we’ll dig deeper into the features that differentiate one program from another. But no matter which of those options or others you choose, you should expect your call tracking software to have the following characteristics:

1. Easy to Use

What’s the point in purchasing a call tracking software program if it’s too hard to use? The best options will be both easy to install and easy to implement across your sales and marketing teams.

2. Intuitive Dashboard

You may need to test a few different solutions to figure out which dashboard makes the most sense to you (check out options that offer free trials for this purpose). If you have to dig for every detail you need, you aren’t going to use the program.

3. Caller Profiles

Your call tracking software program should give you the ability to establish caller profiles by capturing relevant data, including the caller’s location, their device, and the time of the call, among other details.

4. CRM Integration

If you’re using a CRM program for sales, make sure the call tracking software program you choose integrates with it so that relevant details from the system’s caller profiles can be integrated into contact records. That goes for any other key software programs your team is using as well.

5. Scalability

Sure, you might be a small team now. But what happens if your company grows? Can your call tracking software grow with you? Check a program’s capability to scale, as well as the costs associated with doing so. If a program gets significantly more expensive at higher levels, consider whether or not it’ll still produce a positive ROI for your team.

6. Real-Time Analytics

If you’ve got a caller on the phone, you can’t afford to wait until they’re off to access important analytics information. Viewing analytics in real-time improves your ability to deliver the kind of customized call experience that’s more likely to result in conversions.

7. Real-Time and Historical Reporting

The genius of call tracking software is that you can use the data it captures to make future calls and on-site customer journeys even more effective. But you can only do that if you have access to proper reporting tools, as well as the ability to track conversion rates and measure ROI.

8. Customizable

Your company is unique. Your sales team is unique. Your call tracking software should be flexible and customizable enough to meet these unique needs.

9. Call Recording

Especially if you plan to use your call tracking software program for sales team development, make sure call recording is in place. This will allow the managers on your team to review past conversations periodically in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

10. Keyword Tracking

Ideally, your call tracking software should be able to tell you that a contact clicked your company’s website on the organic search results page for a given keyword, navigated to specific pages on your website, and then called you up. Without proper keyword tracking features, you aren’t getting the full picture of a contact’s history with your company.

11. Intelligent Call Routing

Many call tracking software programs either offer their own IVR systems or integrate with others you may already be using. Regardless, what’s important is that they’re able to work with these systems to make sure calls are dynamically and intelligently sent to the right person, team, or department.

The 17 best call tracking apps

Now onto the list! Check out the best call tracking software below.


Website: hubspot.com/products/sales/click-to-call
Price: free
Free option: unlimited

HubSpot’s call tracking feature is built into their free CRM and Sales suite, and because of that native functionality and integration, it’s one of my favorite options. Not only does it given you call tracking and analytics, but you can place calls from your browser without even picking up a phone.

One click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number, and an option to record each call gives you reliable records of your conversations.

Of course, calls are automatically logged into the CRM as well, which, combined with HubSpot’s free email tracking, gives your sales team a pretty frictionless experience so they can spend more time with prospects.


Website: whatconverts.com
Price: $30-$100+ per month (details)
Free Option: 14-day free trial available

WhatConverts is a complete call tracking, lead capture, and reporting platform giving users the power to “See What Marketing Converts!”

WhatConverts users are able to capture phone calls, forms, chats, and transactions, and tie each lead back to the original marketing source. Its phone call tracking service offers a full-featured solution using the latest technology to gather incredible information for each call. Although the platform gathers a lot of data, it also provides reporting so that companies can easily gain insights from their call and marketing data.


Website: callrail.com
Price: $45/month (details)
Free Option: Free trial available

CallRail is a marketing platform that helps businesses accelerate growth.CallRail helps you fine-tune marketing programs drive more quality leads centralize communications and turn more leads into customers.

Call Tracking, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence reveal insights across touchpoints along each customer’s journey. Lead Center helps businesses connect with customers on their terms with a unified inbox and integrated communication tools including softphone text and chat. Over 175,000 businesses worldwide trust CallRail’s straightforward powerful marketing platform to accelerate and sustain growth.


Website: 800response.com
Price: Not available
Free Option: Unknown

800response’s suite of real-time call tracking and monitoring tools is the key to boosting new customer acquisitions and optimizing interactions with customers.

With real-time lead tracking reports, lead analytics, and customer interaction analytics, companies can gain precise information on their incoming callers, capturing consumer details to prioritize and rank leads by key demographic attributes in order to gain visibility into 100% of their customer interactions.


Website: activedemand.com
Price: Free (phone number registration billed separately)
Free Option: Yes, for 1 user account

Call tracking is only one piece of ActiveDemand’s larger SMB marketing automation suite, so consider it if you’re in the market for a full martech overhaul. By moving to ActiveDemand, you’ll gain access to call attribution campaigns, robo call campaigns, and automatic lead distribution.


Website: callaction.co
Price: $155-$499+ per month (details)
Free Option: 14-day free trial available

Like many other platforms featured here, CallAction supports users with inbound call tracking, caller enrichment based on consumer databases, and CRM integration for exporting call data to records.

One noteworthy feature, however, is its intelligent SMS automation for responding to missed calls, which makes CallAction a great option for companies with mobile-heavy customer bases or for those that invest in SMS marketing.


Website: callfire.com
Price: $0.05 per minute/text to $599 per month
Free Option: Free trial available

Less an enterprise-solution and more of a lightweight tool, CallFire allows companies to choose local, toll-free, or international numbers from CallFire’s database, as well as integrate the system with their Google Analytics account or other analytics data provider.

On-the-go users will also appreciate CallFire’s custom notifications, which provide important call information and access via email or mobile device.


Website: callsource.com
Price: Not available
Free Option: Unknown

A great choice for those in appointment-heavy industries such as automotive, dental, hearing consultants, and home services, CallSource offers exclusive “DealSaver” auto-alerts that trigger when call handlers fail to book an appointment. In combination with CallSource’s lead scoring features, this makes it possible to recover opportunities, as well as to provide performance coaching to call handlers based on recorded calls.


Website: convirza.com
Price: $29-$199+ per month (details)
Free Option: 30-day free trial available

According to the company’s website, “Whether you’re a small business owner or an advanced enterprise agency, Convirza has all the tools and solutions to improve your marketing spend and results.”

Convirza’s feature list – which includes dynamic call tracking, dynamic call insertion, call analytics, lead quality scoring, and online/offline marketing channel performance tracking – definitely bears this statement out.


Website: crazycall.com
Price: $11-$45 per user, per month (details)
Free Option: 14-day free trial available

CrazyCall is a cloud-based calling software that allows businesses and sales team to reach their customers and leads with minimum-to-no effort. What makes CrazyCall unique is the ease of use – but the ease of use doesn’t mean the lack of features.

Users can track their calls per particular numbers, make use of auto dialer, call recordings, call transfers, live-listening, and more. They can also make single calls, no matter what webpage they are on with Click To Call widget. The company’s Inbound Calls feature has the potential to improve customer satisfaction, in addition to helping businesses grow semi-passively through the lead-generating callback widget.


Website: dialogtech.com
Price: Not available
Free Option: Unknown

Another program that takes advantage of AI to measure caller intent, lead quality, and conversions, DialogTech boasts proprietary SourceIQ call attribution technology, which makes it easy for companies to personalize call experiences for their users.


Website: fluentstream.com
Price: $20+ per user, per month (details)
Free Option: None

Heads up, non-profits! Besides offering the complete call management features and detailed call/queue reports you’d expect to find in a call tracking software program, FluentStream offers special pricing plans for those in the non-profit space.


Website: infinity.co/uk
Price: $25/month
Free Option: trial available upon request

Infinity is the call tracking platform platform of choice for ambitious businesses that need an advanced partner that also has best-in-class reliability.

The recent launch of Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite opens up exciting possibilities for understanding, cataloging, and accessing calls at scale. Infinity also offers fully encrypted SIP calls, allowing companies to enjoy the full benefits of working with a cloud-based partner while simultaneously guaranteeing an unparalleled level of security.

Infinity is available in over 75 countries, and is trusted by brands and agencies of all sizes across the world, including Mazda, TripAdvisor, Rackspace, and Promises Treatment Centers.


Website: invoca.com
Price: Not available
Free Option: Unknown

Going above and beyond the features offered by many other call tracking software programs, Invoca is an enterprise-level solution that makes use of AI-driven call intelligence, as well as rule-based call analytics for classifying and segmenting calls.

Those using popular advertising and martech platforms such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Salesforce will be pleased to see Invoca’s robust set of built-in integrations that make holistic call tracking as seamless as possible.


Website: marchex.com
Price: Plans start at $500 per month (details)
Free Option: No

As a leading provider of call analytics solutions, Marchex knows when users’ best customers are calling. From simple call tracking to omnichannel call attribution across search, social, and display, Marchex lets marketing teams stop the guesswork, connecting online-to-offline data to better understand what drives a customer to convert. With keyword-level call tracking, marketers can easily improve their ROI from click-to-call advertising.


Website: ringba.com
Price: Free to $99 per month (details)
Free Option: Yes, with some limitations

Ringba is the ultimate call tracking and analytics platform for marketers, call centers, and agencies that need to manage their call flow, attribute granular data to their campaigns, and optimize their performance using powerful real-time reporting and analytics.

Purpose-built for performance, flexibility, and competitive advantage, Ringba is inventing the future of voice, pushing the limits of innovation and changing the way businesses connect with consumers.

Ringba views its clients as its partners, taking a hands-on approach and giving everyone access to live sales and technical support with no contracts or commitments to get started.


Website: ringdna.com
Price: Not available
Free Option: Unknown

Salesforce users, pay attention. RingDNA’s intelligent dialer integrates directly with Salesforce Sales Cloud to automate tasks and capture call information, while its custom Salesforce reports help managers identify key coaching opportunities.

Even those who aren’t using Salesforce will benefit from RingDNA’s ConversionAI solution, which produces best practices for sales teams based on performance metrics, context, and outcome data.

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