Mailshake is your Salesloft alternative

Sales engagement for modern sales teams

Mailshake offers all the core features of Salesloft, plus omni-channel cadences to reach prospects via email, phone and social

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Feature image

Omni-channel sales sequences

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Modern sales teams need to use more than just email to connect with prospects. With Mailshake, you can manage your outreach across email, phone, and social, all from one place.

More than a mail merge

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Send personalized cold emails and automatic follow-ups at scale, track campaigns with powerful analytics, and reply to leads from right within Mailshake.

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Integrates with your tech stack

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Mailshake plays nicely with your existing software apps, with native integrations with Salesforce and Pipedrive, and 3rd party integrations with thousands of apps via Zapier.

Best-in-class customer success

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Our customer success and support team is here with you every step of the way, with free one-on-one training sessions and 3x-weekly office hours, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your strategy and all the Mailshake features.

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We're here to help

Dedicated onboarding and campaign review sessions, open office hours, and personalized copy and campaign feedback on weekly live trainings.

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