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Proven PR Outreach Templates

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Don't reinvent the wheel with your email copy.

Use and customize our templates that are proven to earn PR placements at the world’s largest publications...

...or save your own templates so you and your team can use them again.

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Scale your outreach without sacrificing personalization

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Mailshake empowers you to send hundreds of the personalized emails journalists and influencers demand in a fraction of the time.

Track opens, clicks, replies, and lead stages with our powerful analytics dashboard.

Lead Catcher by Mailshake

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Manage all your responses without leaving Mailshake. Configure what counts as a lead (a reply, two opens, etc.) and handle them in a single queue.

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Powerful integrations for your public relations tool

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Automate repetitive tasks by connecting Mailshake to the rest of your software stack through the power of Zapier.

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