Copper Integration with Mailshake

Keep track of your leads with Mailshake’s Copper
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Copper

Create a lead in Copper when a new lead is created in Mailshake.

More ways to integrate Copper with Mailshake

Update lead status in Mailshake when an opportunity stage is updated in Copper.

Update lead status in Copper when lead status is updated in Mailshake.

How Mailshake + Copper helps manage leads

Mailshake’s Copper integration provides a more hands-off approach to lead management. Instead of manually transferring leads from platform to platform, you can automatically add a new lead to Copper when you add one in Mailshake or vice versa.

Additionally, you can sync lead statuses across both platforms so that a lead’s status in Mailshake will automatically update when it changes in Copper. This ensures that your tools both have the right information at all times and frees up more of your time to actually close sales.

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