Dialpad Integration with Mailshake

Enhance your sales and marketing communications with Mailshake’s
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Dialpad

Create a new lead in Mailshake when you receive an inbound call in Dialpad.

More ways to integrate Dialpad with Mailshake

Unpause recipient in Mailshake when a new SMS is created in Dialpad.

Create a new lead in Mailshake when you receive a voicemail in Dialpad.

How Mailshake + Dialpad helps coordinate your communications

Sales and marketing communications don't typically take place only over email, and it's equally important to keep track of your phone interactions to be able to better coordinate your efforts.

When you integrate Mailshake and Dialpad, you can trigger actions in Mailshake, such as creating a lead and updating lead status, based on changed call states in Dialpad, such as inbound call, outbound call, and voicemail received. This helps you keep track of your communications with potential leads and adjust Mailshake campaigns accordingly to better target interested prospects.

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