Google Workspace

Google Sheets Integration with Mailshake

Easily compile campaign data with Mailshake’s
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Google Sheets

Add lead to Google Sheets when a Mailshake email is opened.

Unpause recipient in Mailshake when new row is added to Google Sheets.

More ways to integrate Google Sheets with Mailshake

Update row in Google Sheets when lead status is updated in Mailshake.

Add recipient to Mailshake when a new lead is added to Google Sheets.

How Mailshake + Google Sheets manages your lead data

Google Sheets makes it simple to store and manage your lead information, and when connected to Mailshake, it provides powerful automations to help you keep your data updated across both platforms.

Integrating the two tools means you can track Mailshake campaign opens in a Google spreadsheet and update lead information or status in one platform when you make a change in the other.

Plus, you can automatically unpause recipients in Mailshake when new rows are added to a Google spreadsheet, allowing you to easily restart campaigns for leads you need to follow up with.

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