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Hubspot Scheduling Integration with Mailshake

Keep your CRM up-to-date with Mailshake’s Hubspot Scheduling
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Hubspot Scheduling

Create a new deal in Hubspot when you add a new lead to Mailshake.

Create a new email event in Hubspot when you receive a new click in Mailshake.

Key benefits to integrating Hubspot Scheduling with Mailshake

By integrating Mailshake with Hubspot Scheduling, you can sync your leads to your CRM, meaning you no longer have to manually transfer data from one platform to the other and you can ensure that no data gets lost in the process.

More ways to integrate Hubspot Scheduling with Mailshake

Add a new contact in Hubspot when you add a new lead in Mailshake.

Create a new contact property change in Hubspot when you change a lead’s status in Mailshake.

How Mailshake + Hubspot Scheduling helps manage your leads

Entering lead data manually is a tedious process, but making sure that all your sales tools are updated is essential to staying on top of your leads.

With Mailshake’s Hubspot integration, you can automatically create deals, add new contacts, add new companies, and create new email events in Hubspot based on new Mailshake leads and clicks.

Automating your sales funnel doesn’t just save you time, it ensures that you don’t let any leads slip through the cracks due to a typo or other small error when transferring data between the two programs.

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