Zoho Integration with Mailshake

Skip the manual transfers with Mailshake’s Zoho
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Zoho

Create a new lead in Zoho when you add a new lead to Mailshake.

More ways to integrate Zoho with Mailshake

Add tags in Zoho when you receive a new reply in Mailshake.

Add tags in Zoho when you receive a new click in Mailshake.

How Mailshake + Zoho automates lead transfers

If you're relying on both Zoho and Mailshake for your sales outreach, it can be a pain to manually transfer lead data from one platform to the other. It takes up valuable time, and you always run the risk of fudging an email address or incorrectly inputting another piece of data.

By integrating Mailshake with Zoho, you can automatically sync new leads across both platforms to make sure that you're always operating with accurate, up-to-date information no matter which tool you're looking at.

Plus, you can add tags in Zoho when you have a new open, click, or reply in Mailshake.

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